An eager little girl helps hang signage for the artisanal pickles and potato chips now carried in the family-run bodega

At an OKCupid themed art salon, the host spraed guests with undisclosed pheromones

There are far fewer people on the streets here in Bed-Stuy than there were in Williamsburg. What people there are on the streets at this hour aren’t on their way to a destination. They’re seated and stationary, their activity extending to holding group conversations on stoops or in unfolded folding chairs near the entrances of their buildings. I’m on a folding chair on my roof. I purchased two of them from Ikea recently, along with a folding table.

I’m on Swoomer’s rooftop somewhere around 5th Avenue in Brooklyn.

A man gets icky germs and dirt all over his hands while propping himself up as waits for the Queens-bound train at Gates Ave.

A vintage porn display device rests curbside, awaiting pickup by New York Sanitation.